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We are located in downtown Dayton Ohio and serve the entire Miami Valley. Our office is dedicated to making sure our clients with long term disability claims get the best possible outcome relative to their case. Long term disability claims are often denied and it is baffling to those at the other end of those denials. Our job is to completely understand your case and to help you correct all of the issues that could stand in the way of approving your case. We specialize in disability claims and we can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Long Term Disability Coverage

in applications Requirements

Disability benefits from a private insurance company are available with most of the better employee benefit packages. Sometimes it is offered as an optional benefit which the employee must elect and pay extra. There are some things you should now:

To confirm whether you have coverage, review your employee benefit plan information or consult with your company Human Resources or Benefits office.

Your employer is NOT required to provide long term disability. Short and Long Term Disability coverage is usually available with better employee benefit plan packages, but it is not mandated by law.  Social Security offers a disability benefit for workers who are incapable of performing any kind of gainful employment. 

If your employer does not provide long term disability, it is your choice to purchase your own disability coverage or not. It is not a requirement however you should consider your own past medical history and individual circumstances, the nature and risk associated with your job and of course your budget.


Filing for benefits under your company disability plan is usually handled through your Human Resources or Benefits office. Your primary treating physician or specialist will need to complete a form to certify that your condition prevents you from performing your regular occupation. Most company disability plans also require you to be off a certain minimum period (commonly, 6 months) prior to filing for Long Term Disability status. Many companies also offer Short Term Disability plans to provide benefits during this initial period.

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Mr. Henry did a great job for me to get a claim approved by the insurance company which initially denied my claim. I would highly recommend him for any matters involving insurance claims.
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